Envisaging a new future for Chatswood Golf Club

President and Project Chair, Alan Hall-Watson President and Project Chair, Alan Hall-Watson

About five years ago, a group of members reviewed Chatswood Golf Club’s business model to consider its future viability. The initiative for the proposed Chatswood Golf Club was guided by President and Project Chair, Alan Hall-Watson, along with the board and management .

Alan and his team immediately realised that Watermark’s values, integrity and vision aligned with their own. Together, in a unique partnership, they are creating a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent the club and deliver a promising future for all. The magnificent new space will encourage residents and their families, club members and the community to come together for entertainment, exercise and shared experiences.

“Our club has a proud history as a community hub. This exciting new partnership allows us to create a space for everyone to enjoy our magnificent facilities and wellness amenities”

Alan Hall-Watson, President and Project Chair, Chatswood Golf Club

Powering the future with solar

To tread more lightly on the earth, to be more sustainable and to reduce our carbon footprint, we will harness the power of solar. A centralised solar power system of photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion battery banks will generate and store power to provide 100% of the electricity for the retirement living community. All electricity consumed by the apartments will be provided by the sun, meaning no monthly bills for residents. Better for the environment, better for the community. Coupled with the on-site power generation and storage system, will be an ultra-high efficiency geothermal air conditioning system to serve all apartments.

Deep consideration to reducing environmental impacts continues across the entire development, particularly the green spaces—all of which will be preserved.

A visionary team: Watermark’s Tony Olding, Dr Chris Watt and Enzo Marchione

Expertise that puts residents first

An outstanding operator with a residents-first philosophy, Watermark creates luxurious, world-class retirement living communities across New South Wales. Watermark Chatswood is no exception. Working side by side with the Chatswood Golf Club team, Watermark is committed to delivering design excellence, honouring community needs and respecting the environment. The Watermark team brings years of expertise and innovation to the fore, with a high level of personal involvement from all who touch the project. Across all their developments, Watermark proudly delivers:

  • Strong culture of prioritising the interests and welfare of residents
  • Genuine focus on improving the health and well-being of residents
  • Focus on ensuring support services are in place should the need ever arise in the future
  • A sense of community
  • Latest design and interiors.
Watermark Castle Cove

Watermark has proudly received many leading industry awards, including the coveted Urban Development Institute of Australia Best Seniors Independent Living project NSW and the prestigious Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Award for Seniors Living/Retirement Development. A truly visionary company, perfectly aligned with Chatswood Golf Club’s vision to create an exclusive community with exquisitely appointed residences.

“Our mission is to create the highest quality independent living for seniors in New South Wales”

Dr Chris Watt, Director, Watermark Chatswood

Committed to community

Watermark believes in giving back. The 5% Foundation was established in 2013 and is our commitment to contribute 5% of surplus cash flows towards a nest egg for meaningful contributions to society, with a focus on education and youth charities. The Foundation is independent, with 100% of all donations going directly to its beneficiaries. Our goal is to encourage other businesses to join us as member organisations and contribute 5% of their surplus cash flows to this initiative. As we work towards becoming a bigger and stronger collective, Watermark believes the Foundation will create a lasting positive impact in our community and beyond. Alongside personal support for individuals in need, the Foundation has supported the following:

  • The Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets
  • Kickstart Kids International orphanages in Kenya
  • Jarjum Aboriginal College Redfern
  • Cancer Council Australia.