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  • Why is the club doing this project?

    Like many clubs within Australia, Chatswood Golf Club has continued to experience losses from a declining member base and increasing costs. The new model creates diversification of income and secures the Club’s long term viability. This will also ensure the green space is available into the future for golfers and the community.

  • Will the community be able to use the new facilities?

    One of the project’s principal objectives is to seamlessly integrate the over 55s lifestyle village with the new and upgraded Chatswood Golf Club facilities to promote an intergenerational community that engages Club members, village residents and the broader community. All new facilities will be available to the community.

  • What facilities will be available?

    Bistro style restaurant, café, gymnasium, heated indoor hydrotherapy pool, cinema, bar and flexible spaces for conference facilities, bridge and mahjong community groups. Chatswood Golf Club and Watermark have agreed there will be no poker machines in the new club.

  • On which part of the site will the seniors development be built?

    The Site Compatibility Certificate issued by the Department of Planning & Environment requires the development to be built over an area which includes the car park and not to encroach on the existing golf course. The proposed design will be sympathetic to the adjoining residential homes and the natural setting. The concept has been designed and sleeved so that building scale and form fit seamlessly within the existing landform and surrounding golf course. Parking will be underground and not visible.

  • How many seniors living units will be built and what’s included?

    The Development Application will be for 106 apartments (consistent with the Site Compatibility Certificate). Residents will have membership to the gym, pool and golf course. Support services will be established to promote ongoing care should it ever be required. Solar energy investment will ensure residents will never have to pay another electricity bill.

  • Will there be any transport options from the site?

    Watermark is looking to introduce an electric car sharing offering, exclusive to lifestyle village residents, to minimise the use of private car ownership. There’s also currently a public bus service on Beaconsfield Rd and, in addition, the lifestyle village will operate a private shuttle bus 7 days per week providing access to key areas such as Chatswood.

  • When will construction commence and how long will it take to complete?

    We plan to lodge a Development Application in April 2020 and will commence construction within 6 months from development approval. We expect the project will take 18 months to build.

  • What will happen to CGC after the DA is lodged?

    The Club Board will carefully monitor the timing for the temporary closure of the golf course and provide adequate notice to its members, neighbouring properties and community. This will not be before 30 September 2020.

  • Will there be an upgrade of the existing golf course?

    Chatswood Golf Club is developing a masterplan to upgrade and possibly reconfigure the golf course. An important component of the development is for the quality of the golf course to be commensurate with the new Club facilities and over 55s lifestyle village. The Club has a broad objective to improve the existing golfing facilities to be modernised for the future of the game and with more accessibility options for junior and school age individuals to be introduced to the game.